Bieber mocks Orlando Bloom with crying image

Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom nearly came to blows at a restaurant in Spanish Ibiza. Now, Bieber is poking fun at the movie star by posting a picture of a teary-eyed Bloom on social media.


Justin Bieber Orlando Bloom fight


This week, pop star Justin Bieber made ​​headlines again after he and actor Orlando Bloom had a brief tussle in a restaurant on the Spanish Island of Ibiza Tuesday night.

According to TMZ, Bieber shouted, “What’s up, bitch?” to Bloom, leading him to take a swing at the singer. A number of spectators witnessed the altercation, but no one was able to confirm Bieber’s suffering any physical injury.  The pop idol has since taken to social media to mock the actor, by posting a photo of a supposedly tearful Bloom to Instagram.

Over half a million people have already clicked the photo’s “like” button. However, opinion is divided as to whether the image is funny or not.

“Hahahaha ohh Justin: D,” writes one user. 

“It’s very stupid Justin … you are thinking that you are a boss now ? :(,“ says another.


Orlando Bloom Tried to Punch Justin Bieber (VIDEO)

At a restaurant in Ibiza, Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom (37) and pop star Justin Bieber (20) got into a little confrontation.

Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza was full of celebrity personalities Tuesday night – Lindsay Lohan, Diddy and Paris Hilton caught the quarrel between the “Pirates of the Caribbean ‘actor Orlando Bloom and pop star Justin Bieber.

Other diners noted  the tense atmosphere before it all unraveled.

“One could feel that something was afoot. The whole restaurant noticed it I think,” said one onlooker.

An anonymous eater filmed the confrontation between Bieber and Bloom. In the film we see Bloom approach Bieber before he lashes out against the pop star. The footage also shows a bodyguard coming to Bieber’s rescue.

“It looked quite funny and people inside the restaurant started clapping,” the source reported.

Several U.S. media outlets have featured the dispute. Insiders claim that an ongoing feud led to last night’s fight.

In 2012, before the marriage between Bloom and Miranda Kerr (31) came to an end Bieber was reportedly seen with the model at a Victoria’s Secret show. Bloom was later seen at a Los Angeles party with Bieber and then girlfriend Selena Gomez (22) in April.

Since neither Bloom or Bieber has provided any comment, there is much speculation. According to witnesses, Bieber was heard shouting, “What’s up bitch?”, prior to the punch.

Wednesday morning the pop star also posted a photo of Miranda Kerr in a bikini, but deleted it a short time later, according to Hollywood Life .