‘The Hobbit’ Coming this Christmas: Here’s a Preview (VIDEO)

JRR Tolkien’s prequel to the Lord of the Rings has taken three long films, but now it’s almost time for the end of filmmaker Peter Jackson’s vision.


Jackson has released the trailer to the final, which will see epic battles fought between goblins, wolves, men, elves, dwarves and eagles on Erebor.

The trailer from the laast part of the Hobbit trilogy is a reminder of the rich, imaginative universe created over the course of the adventure. Although the clip doesn’t reveal much other than the title, The Battle of the Five Armies, already suggests, so clearly viewers are in for a lot of action.

Moviegoers may want to compare this trilogy with The Lord of the Rings, but we can’t forget that Tolkien originally wrote The Hobbit as a book for children. Jackson has obviously attempted to reemphasize this point at times, but the action far surpasses that typically seen in a children’s movie .

The movie is set to premiere December 10.

Watch the trailer for the new Mad Max movie (VIDEO)

30 years ago, Mel Gibson played Mad Max in the violent cult road warrior movie. Next year a new film in the series will feature Tom Hardy in the role of the silent anti-hero.


Anyone remember ‘Mad Max’? Mel Gibson’s breakthrough and the first real starring role was as the traffic police up in a violent dystopic future world. The film was banned in Sweden in 1979, much like Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ in Norway, so when the sequel came two years later it was renamed to ‘Road Warrior’. It also followed by a third film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which was so bad that the only thing people remember is Tina Turner’s theme song.

Now Max is back. The Australian director George Miller is making a fourth film, ‘Fury Road’, with Tom Hardy (Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) in the role of Max, and with South African Charlize Theron (‘Monster’, ‘The Cider House Rules’) in the supporting role.

The film begins in the dystopian future-Australia where ‘Road Warrior’ left off, and if the trailer is to be believed we can expect a to see a lot of action. The movie is set to premiere in May 2015.

‘Batman v Superman’: First Photo of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman


‘Batman v Superman’ is undoubtedly one of the movies that generated lots of excitement at Comic-Con in San Diego. Director Zack Snyder, was present at the convention to release new images and show the film’s trailer.

Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot were accompanied by Snyder during his brief appearance at Comic-Con. There, performers greeted fans and attendees who gathered to see the anticipated trailer for the film.

Unfortunately, only some were able to see the first trailer in full. Lucky viewers witnessed Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill giving life to their respective characters. At the beginning of the video, we see Batman, with his new ‘mechanical’ style, on a rainy night. Then, Batman activates the Bat-signal, with the new logo, and while the beam is projected in the sky, we see Superman, with bright red eyes. After this vision of the man of steel, the camera cuts to a cast clad in black showing us the full title of the movie.

The Comic-Con in San Diego also saw the first official image of Wonder Woman with a spectacular Gal Gadot, with sword in hand, and just like the players, wearing a suit with various metallic touches.

After a delay of almost a year, it is expected that ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ will be released May 6, 2016 where, presumably, it will match the third installment of the Captain America by Marvel at the box office. This film will be followed with the Justice League, the which Snyder will also direct.

The script for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ is written by Chris Terrio (winner of the Oscar for ‘Argo’) on the basis of a history of David S. Goyer (the ‘Dark Knight’, ‘Man of Steel’). The film will kick off a bunch of Warner Bros. films based on DC Comics characters.

Quentin Tarantino: "’The Hateful Eight’ is on the way"


  • ‘The Hateful Eight’, is now, officially, new Tarantino film.
  • The director said that he will continue working with the Django character, but won’t make more films focused on it.
  • The script for his new film was leaked last January and Tarantino threatened to abandon the project.

Tarantino, en Cannes

In the framework of the Comic Con in San Diego, Quentin Tarantino confirmed what had been rumored for some time: the bloody western ‘The Hateful Eight’ is officially his new film.

Tarantino confirmed that he went ahead with The Hateful Eight when a fan asked about the project during the presentation of the comic crossover between Fox and Django triggered, according to published Deadline. An ad that made that the audience burst into applause.

The director said that “he loves the idea” of a crossover between Fox and Django and confirmed that it has no intention of “making more films” focused on the character played by Jamie Foxx, but thanks “this series of comics” has the possibility to “continue working with this character, telling different stories”.

During the day, Tarantino also announced that it is working on new material related to Kill Bill, specifically a series of animation sequences that had to be cut from the first installment, but gave no more details on the matter.

As for ‘The Hateful Eight’ and despite the controversial history which occurred with the screenplay, Tarantino has decided to go forward with the project, a film that, as he said a few weeks ago of actor Kurt Russell, “will begin shooting in January”.

Tarantino confirms that it is moving ahead with a project that seemed completely out of the question. To such an extent that after the director will leak the script organized even public reading of the leaked script. The event, which took place on 19 April in Los Angeles, was attended among others from Samuel L. Jackson (Django triggered), Kurt Russell himself (Death Proof), Michael Madsen (Kill Bill) or Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs).

Already then Tarantino left open the door to go ahead with the film and confirmed that he was already working on a second version of the libretto, in which many parts have been completely rescritas.

The public reading also participated in James Remar, Amber Tamblyn, Walt Goggins and Zoe Bell, who also could be repeated their roles in the film. The own Tarantino stated that it was “calmer” with whole thing after leaks and demands.

The most controversial screenplay of Tarantino

The script of The Hateful Eight leaked last January. It was then that Tarantino broke out pointing to the possible culprits of the filtration and announcing that it was abandoning the project.

“I’m going to publish it, it’s over. Left him only six people and if I can not trust them, then have no any desire to do so. I’m going to publish it and end point. I will be with the next project, I have ten more,”said Tarantino iracundo.

Months later – and after the page to sue Gawker for publishing a story that included a direct link to a web site’s data storage in which it was possible to download the booklet in PDF – director announced that he would organize a public reading of the script of The Hateful Eight in Los Angeles.

The first scenes of The Hateful Eight take place in Wyoming, where Tarantino also filmed much of the footage of unchained Django.

China is Preparing to Film its Own ‘Avatar’



  • China is preparing the filming and production of ‘Bainiaoyi’, his own film in 3D with the intention of creating a similar to the US ‘Avatar’ tape.
  • The film is based on the minority ethnic Zhuang, and the challenges that a young woman has to overcome to find the “bainiaoyi”.
  • The team includes directors of special effects ‘Avatar’ and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, as well as a screenwriter of ‘Terminator 2’.
  • It will begin shooting in may 2015, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016, according to the producer.


The Asian power is preparing the filming and production of its own fantasy movie in 3D based on the romantic folklore and with the aim of creating a tape similar to American Avatar.

Bainiaoyi, as the film, will be called to start shooting in may 2015 in the autonomous region of Guangxi, South China, and is expected to be ready by the end of 2016, according to the producer, Beijing Chinese Century Media Company, information that CITES this Sunday the official Xinhua Agency.

The film is based on the minority ethnic Zhuang, and the challenges that a young girl of the same, called Guka, must be overcome to find the “bainiaoyi”, a type of magical dress that will serve to defeat the evil dragon that haunts their community.

The production team includes directors of special effects from films like Avatar and Pirates of the Caribbean, as well as a screenwriter of Terminator 2, said Zhao Song, CEO of the production company, during the presentation of the project.

“The goal is to make film a romantic fantastic tape coming to rival Avatar”, said who expected to become to the film that best represents the Chinese classical culture globally.

At the moment, Bainiaoyi has already been classified by the Ministry of culture of the Asian power as “intangible” cultural heritage at the national level.