Watch the trailer for the new Mad Max movie (VIDEO)

30 years ago, Mel Gibson played Mad Max in the violent cult road warrior movie. Next year a new film in the series will feature Tom Hardy in the role of the silent anti-hero.


Anyone remember ‘Mad Max’? Mel Gibson’s breakthrough and the first real starring role was as the traffic police up in a violent dystopic future world. The film was banned in Sweden in 1979, much like Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ in Norway, so when the sequel came two years later it was renamed to ‘Road Warrior’. It also followed by a third film, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which was so bad that the only thing people remember is Tina Turner’s theme song.

Now Max is back. The Australian director George Miller is making a fourth film, ‘Fury Road’, with Tom Hardy (Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’) in the role of Max, and with South African Charlize Theron (‘Monster’, ‘The Cider House Rules’) in the supporting role.

The film begins in the dystopian future-Australia where ‘Road Warrior’ left off, and if the trailer is to be believed we can expect a to see a lot of action. The movie is set to premiere in May 2015.

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