Paul McCartney Releases New Material from his Time with Wings


  • The new material is from the albums ‘ At the speed of sound’ and ‘Mars and Venus’.
  • Wings was the group that McCartney founded after the breakup of ‘The Beatles’.

Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney will release the material which remained unpublished with Wings, in reissued versions of the ‘At the Speed of Sound’ and ‘Venus and Mars’ albums on September 23.

Universal Music has informed that both albums will be published in a variety of formats, but in all cases will include two discs that contain, in the first volume, the remastered original material and, in the second, several demos and themes unknown to the general public.

In addition to an deluxe edition that will include a book with interviews and material from the personal archive of the artist, a DVD additional footage will also be available.

After the dissolution of The Beatles, McCartney founded Wings along with his then wife, Linda, and the guitarist of Moody Blues Denny Laine. The group released a total of nine albums.

Following the commercial success of 1973’s ‘Band on the Run’ they followed it up in a very similar stylistic vein with 1975’s ‘Venus and Mars’, then with Jimmy McCulloch among their ranks.

The album, recorded in New Orleans and London, reached the number 1 both in the United Kingdom and in the United States and included songs like ‘Listen to What the Man Said’.

‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’ (1976), which had a similar commercial fate, led it to be number one in sales in the United States, and number two in the United Kingdom. That album included songs like ‘Silly Love Songs’ and ‘Let ‘ em In’.


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