J. K. Rowling wants his detective novels to overcome to Harry Potter

Day 19/07/2014 – 13.40 h

The latest book by the writer about the adventures of a detective signed with the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, is the best-selling in United Kingdom

J. K. Rowling quiere que sus novelas policíacas superen a Harry Potter

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The writer J. k. Rowling is back among the best-selling books in the United Kingdom, but this time he does it under the pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, his “alter ego” writing about the adventures of the detective Cormorant Strike.

The book «The Silkworm» (silkworm), which tops the list of best sellers according to the ‘ The Sunday Times ‘ and was released just a month ago in the British country, is the second installment of a detective, former researcher of the special unit of the London Metropolitan Police.

The writer, who went to a literary in Harrogate festival, a city to the North of England, said that the novels written under the name of Robert Galbraith surely exceed in number to the Harry Potter books “I wanted to demonstrate that he could publish a book on the merits that it had” emphasized the author, that already achieved fame with the previous installment of the detective, «The song of the cuckoo», to explain why he decided to publish these novels under a pseudonym.

Rowling, large fan of the writer Agatha Christie, emphasized his passion for the detective genre. «One of the things that I like about this genre – said, unlike Harry Potter, in which there was a general line, with a beginning and an end, is that can continue giving cases to the detective “.